Virtual Ultra Marathon 2018

About the Virtual Ultra Marathon

This concept was created for people who wish to play a physical part in fundraising for conservation - by taking part in a virtual ultra marathon without having to leave home. The aim is to raise money for For Rangers and Ol Pejeta Conservancy, by running the entire distance between all of Kenya’s rhino conservancies and parks (1,245kms), within a time limit of a year. The distance works out at an average of around 3.4km per day, and can be completed in any ‘medium’ - running, walking, cycling, rowing, cross-training, and so on. Each participant commits to raising a minimum of USD 1,000 over the course of a year.

The funds raised will go towards providing rangers in Kenya with the equipment they need in order to continue the crucial work they do conserving wildlife. By the end of the year, not only will you have contributed to saving wild animals and supported the brave men on the front line of conservation; but you might also be as fit as one of them too.

To support any of the participants, just click on their profile picture and you will be able to donate in their name.
Runner PicMelissa SingletonFF66703888 KMUSD 1,207.56 (KES 122,247)
Runner PicBen Woodhams.4B66372677 KMUSD 3,381.82 (KES 342,358)
Runner PicRhian Gastineaufaff9e2547 KMUSD 350.00 (KES 35,432)
Runner PicHeather LeDuc4CCFA32337 KMUSD 1,031.73 (KES 104,448)
Runner PicLisa LopezCD09231463 KMUSD 350.00 (KES 35,432)
Runner PicLynn Maslenf486421266 KMUSD 1,101.66 (KES 111,527)
Runner PicAnthony Maina.ff00661260 KMUSD 399.88 (KES 40,482)
Runner PicOne Planet One Futureddfc531256 KMUSD 1,302.78 (KES 131,887)
Runner PicJames Eade20F0FF1247 KMUSD 100.00 (KES 10,124)
Runner PicJack Holt1F2EFF1246 KMUSD 701.18 (KES 70,984)
Runner PicDawn McraeFF99001245 KMUSD 1,298.65 (KES 131,469)
Runner PicPhera Jai2aa4ba1134 KMUSD 1,123.71 (KES 113,759)
Runner PicLaura Curtisad032b948 KMUSD 297.43 (KES 30,110)
Runner PicDanielle JacksonFF43D9757 KMUSD 231.62 (KES 23,448)
Runner PicAsh Williams2051F1756 KMUSD 100.00 (KES 10,124)
Runner PicLinda Salvic9f7ff720 KMUSD 1,000.00 (KES 101,235)
Runner PicMaria TyrrellFF6698653 KMUSD 200.00 (KES 20,247)
Runner PicLaura Boren4FFF3C585 KMUSD 224.56 (KES 22,733)
Runner PicRichard Vigne009931546 KMUSD 100.00 (KES 10,124)
Runner PicSara StewardF61513479 KMUSD 526.00 (KES 53,250)
Runner PicSamantha WeetchF7FF12295 KMUSD 220.00 (KES 22,272)
Runner PicCoralie Arlidge94A1AA228 KMUSD 115.38 (KES 11,681)
Runner PicWendy Du ToitFF1239144 KMUSD 150.00 (KES 15,185)
Runner PicGurveer SiraFF000099 KMUSD 100.00 (KES 10,124)
Runner PicSheena Millerff996698 KMUSD 100.00 (KES 10,124)
Runner PicJennifer KunzD970FF40 KMUSD 100.00 (KES 10,124)
Runner PicDawn PennyfeatherAC195937 KMUSD 291.43 (KES 29,503)
Runner PicCharlotte Ward593e2d0 KMUSD 100.00 (KES 10,124)
Runner PicMark DerwentD84D1B0 KMUSD 100.00 (KES 10,124)
Runner PicRaphael AnampiuFFFFFF0 KMUSD 300.00 (KES 30,371)
Runner PicLauren MartinAA091F0 KMUSD 100.00 (KES 10,124)